QlikView is Qlik's original BI product which paved the way for the modern analytics era. It offers a complete guided analytics solution that is built around the needs of your business, helping you to create customised apps which are centrally managed.

While QlikView is still providing powerful analytics for companies around the world, Qlik is now focusing more on its next generation product Qlik Sense.

How is it different from Qlik Sense?

QlikView provides guided analysis pathways that are built around what your business needs and are tightly governed. This means your teams are guided towards the insights your business needs them to focus on, so they can make informed decisions.

Qlik Sense is second generation self-service BI. It’s an intuitive self-service application, which puts the power of analytics in your hands and draws on data from multiple sources.

Ultimately, whatever solution you choose you'll need to manage your stakeholders to get the data you need, know it is cleansed and in the right shape, and have a Project Manager ensuring that the all-important budgets and timescales stay on track. That's where we can help - providing consultancy, development and project management.


Built around your business

Qlik offers a portfolio of data analytics products that can empower your workforce to use data to make better, more informed decisions.  All of Qlik's products are built on its Associative Engine which brings together data and allows you to explore it in ways simply not possible with query-based tools. This means you are free to search, explore and pivot based on what you see, without limitations.

The Associative Difference®

Qlik’s Associative Engine gives you:
- Interactive, free-form exploration and analysis
- The power to combine large numbers of data sources
- On-the-fly calculation and aggregation that instantly updates analytics and highlights associations in the data